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The ringmaster was far too close, the kitten’s sensitive nose was barraged by a range of disorienting smells. This, along with the praise he was receiving, and the hands that were “petting” him made for a very different experience. Especially since there was an extremely strong metallic smell that sparked concern in him.

But, he decided that it was the best for both of them not to question what that smell was. This resulted in Yao purring and leaning his head more into Ivan’s hands.

"I am?" he asked quietly. "I am not that cute.."

Ivan smiled softly when he saw Yao start to relax. “You are.” he said, poking Yao’s nose softly. “I am looking forward to your show tonight. I quite enjoy the Saturday night shows.” he said.

Ivan stepped back a bit, looking Yao over curiously. “Did you change your uniform?” he asked, looking around at the rest of the tent to see if there were any differences in the other acrobats’ uniforms.

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    With a final bow, Yao ran off, looking back and shouting, “You too!” with a little smile.
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    "I shall leave you to it, then." Ivan said, standing up. "Have fun, Yao."